Association of International Business Advisers (AIBA) is a General Incorporated Association, originally started in 1996 by about 150 Import Business Advisers certified by the certification program of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

AIBA now consists of Certified Jetro International Trade Advisers born by JETRO during 14 years by 2007 and Certified AIBA International Business Advisers certified first by AIBA since 2008 with numbers of approximate 340 advisers altogether.

AIBA provides wide range of business services in such various international fields as described in “Services” Page.

After JETRO ’s closing in 2007 of the Certification Program of International Trade Advisers, AIBA succeeded the responsibilities of the Program from 2008 under recognitions by JETRO; Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc;, Manufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization and the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association.
AIBA’s major emphasis is placed on a mixture of professionalism in the International Trade and Investment.Each individual adviser has not only highly skilled international business knowledge but also has his long-time experience in respective business fields. Our basic functions are as follows:-

  1. Helping Overseas Ventures to Develop Their Operations in Japan
  2. Various business support for Japanese manufacturers and enterprisers to develop their overseas operations
  3. Certification of International Business Advisers