Our Services

AIBA provides wide range of research services described below on fee basis to help foreign firms and organizations (hereafter called “client(s)”) who are interested in entering into Japanese market:


Service Sectors (request details needed at first)

AIBA sustains, as its member consultants, wide range of industry specialists in the sectors of Machinery, Chemicals, Plastics, Metals, Industrial Raw Materials, Foods, Apparels, Fashion, Jewelries, Automotive Parts, Retail, ICT, Biotechnology and Environment;Transportation, Warehousing, Customs-Brokering, Shipping Documentation, Banking, etc.

The specialists in those fields are spread nationwide and AIBA Operation Division directors will search available consultant(s), based upon the e-mail request(s) from the client(s) in their nature of the task(s), such as (1)industry specifics,(2)requested delivery time and (3)geographical location in Japan where the client is interested, etc.(please use [Contact Us] page)

Market Research (MR)

Upon request from client and after closing contract, AIBA consultant(s) provide tailored reports to meet the specific needs of the client(s).

Business Opportunity Study (BOS)

Analytical reports on the specific Japanese industry sectors, such as market size, competition, profiles of key players and growth opportunities, etc. in which the client(s) are interested, are possible on request.

Regulatory Requirement Study (RRS)

All goods imported into or exported out of Japan are subject to Customs and other related laws and regulations. Those rules have wide scopes and subject to change time to time. It is very important for you to know in advance which law(s) and regulation(s) may be applied to the specific product(s) you intend to export to or import from Japan. Deregulation is taking place in Japan but not yet to the level of EU or North America.

For some people, for example, it is a surprise that in Japan export cargoes require to be placed in bonded area even before the customs clearance. Some other people are shocked to find that Japanese Customs tend to pay much attention to the details. Specialist(s) of AIBA would be a great source of informations as such for your successful entry into Japanese market.

Logistics Study (LS)

Logistics is vitally important for your success in your business in Japan. Many Japanese customers expect premium delivery service such as “just- in- time delivery”. It is a surprise for anyone to provide customers with such level of delivery service as they expect without affecting the bottom-line.

AIBA specialists will help create the best logistic system for your needs, identifying the best port or airport of entry, the location of distribution center or the service provider well qualified and experienced in handling the goods in your sector. They will also advise what mode of transportation or what combination of modes (truck, vessel, air or rail) are to be used for your specific supply chain needs.

Regional Information Study (RIS)

AIBA sustains hundreds of self-employed industry specialists spread nationwide and assign appropriate consultants to provide regional information of the specific place where you want to locate your business. In-depth profiles of Japan’s regions, highlighting major industries and industry clusters, including size, features and level of R&D functions, logistics as well as other aspects of general business environment are studied by AIBA specialist who resides in the area where you are interested.

Trade Fair Support (TFS)

AIBA specialists provide information relative to trade fairs held in major cities of Japan and assist clients in choosing the right trade shows for exhibiting their products or services to Japanese industries or consumers, so that their market entry into Japan can be most efficient. Upon request from the clients, in the nature of the trade fairs and the role of the consultants at the exhibition site. AIBA will search available consultants,

Payment of Service Fee

As to the research service details, the service fee amount, the expenses and other conditions, the clients and the recommended AIBA consultants negotiate, make a Contract and execute the Contract terms directly each other. . AIBA may act as a mediator for the negotiation, if both parties agreed. When both parties have reached to the Contract, it should be required that clients pay a small amount of Finding Fee separately to AIBA, whichever AIBA acts as a mediator or not. The amount and payment terms are informed by e-mail from AIBA for your consent.